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Virtual Justice Project

The Virtual Justice Project at North Carolina Central University https://youtu.be/2USFQwMjhc4 is engaged in partnership with the HBCU Library Alliance to equip HBCU libraries with Telepresence and High Definition videoconferencing equipment, primarily as a tool to recruit law students.

Access this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtO0IZVyON0#action=share for a brief video using the equipment. As part of the partnership, the equipment comes free of charge to the library with grant funding.

Virtual Justice Project would use the equipment to present a variety of synchronous sessions. The library would have use of the equipment for synchronous distance education classes, faculty/student support activities, and community engagement.

This partnership opportunity could elevate the position of HBCU libraries as learning centers and provide tools to creatively engage the academic and patron community.

Stay tuned for details.