HBCU Library Alliance HBCU Library Alliance


Committees shall be appointed by the Board of Directors from among the membership and the Board of Directors. To carry out its work, the HBCU Library Alliance may have additional committees standing or ad hoc, which will be charged with specific responsibilities or tasks. These may be authorized by the membership, the Chair, or by the Board of Directors. There are currently 5 working committees:

Budget and Finance Committee
The committee develops an annual operating budget with the Treasurer based on proposals from the Board of Directors and the Planning and Development Committee.

Bylaws Committee
The committee reviews the bylaws and makes suggestions for revisions to the Board.

Nominating Committee
The committee solicits interest and prepares the slate of candidates for the open Board positions to be elected at the annual meeting.

Outreach/Publicity Committee
The committee promotes, informs, and builds awareness of HBCU Library Alliance activities within the membership and for identified communities and partners.

Planning and Development Committee
The committee plans and considers future priorities and initiatives.